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Sex The artist who gifted us that nude Donald Trump painting has been banned from FB | Pilerats Pics

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Amused and surprised passers-by flocked to take pictures with the statue showing a stern-faced Trump with trademark flock of bright yellow hair Donald Trump Naked hands folded over a bulging belly. A statue in Manhattan's Union Square quickly drew the Donald Trump Naked of people before it was removed by the city's parks department. While several Nakdd took Donalf with the statue, others shouted anti-Trump slogans.

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But it appears that his antics may have thrown a spanner in the works.

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Copy Trumo LA-based artist Illma Gore, who recently came to global attention thanks to her raw and uncut painting of supremely-awesome-guy-that-everyone-loves Donald Trump in his birthday Nwked, has been Donald Trump Naked from our all powerful overlords Facebook thanks to posting the image to the social media site just Donald Trump Naked couple too many times.

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